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Sometimes, when opportunity knocks you simply need to answer the door!  After five seasons with Dragonfly Gardens we were dreaming of expansions and improvements.  Budd also happened to have a barn full of treasures that had been collected with no real purpose in mind.


Unexpectedly, the building next to us opened up and within 6 weeks Vintage Inspired was born!  We were able to collaborate with others in the picker and maker world, combine our love for OLD, NEW, and GARDEN TOO...and opened our doors with little more than we already had on hand.  We have grown and expanded a lot since adding boutique clothing & accessories, Dixie Belle paint products, house plants, local artisans, refinished furniture pieces, food items, booth vendors & so much more! 


We are always on the hunt for vintage finds, new home décor, and handmade treasures!  We absolutely love what we do, and we hope that shows when you walk through the doors!

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